An Unamerican View: Peroutka's bigoted network of THEOCRATS and SECESSIONISTS

Stop Peroutka!

  • Stop Michael Peroutka and His Bigoted Network

    Michael PeroutkaLeague of the South President Michael Hill. Photo: SPLCMichael Peroutka – the 2004 presidential candidate of the far-right Constitution Party – flies the Confederate battle flag over his multi-million dollar estate. He calls it "the American flag." His allegiance is not to the United States or to the values for which our actual American flag stands. His allegiance is to a militant, national network of theocratic white supremacists who detest the Republican and Democratic Parties alike and want to break up the Union.

    As if to allay any doubts about his intentions, Peroutka wrote a thank-you note to a white supremacist, secessionist group and solicited their financial support after the final vote count confirmed that he had won the 2014 Republican nomination for Maryland’s Anne Arundel County Council (as well as a seat on the Republican Central Committee there).

    The racist group’s leader, Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, replied that Peroutka’s primary victory is "a victory for us."


Joe Delimater Peroutka’s Running Mate

  • Joseph "Joe" Delimater III is Peroutka’s pupil and running mate, who believes that it is the duty of the County Council and the sheriff to obstruct any state law that doesn’t comport with their views of God’s Law.


Michael Hill A Violence­-Inclined Racist, In His Own Words

  • Michael Hill, 63, of Killen, Alabama, was a founder of the white nationalist League of the South in 1994: its mission was to “protect the Anglo-Celtic core population and culture of the historic South."


Pastor David Whitney A Theocrat in Democrat’s Clothing

  • Michael Peroutka’s pastor, Rev. David Whitney of the Cornerstone Evangelical Church in Pasadena, Maryland, writes in a February 2014 op-ed that citizenship – including the rights to serve on a jury, run for office, serve in the Militia, or vote – should be restricted to Christians of the right sort.